Snomed-ct terms

This page is designed to help you find sample resources using SNOMED CT terms. We are committed to using established standards. SNOMED CT is currently being rolled out across the NHS and therefore we have adopted these terms for disease classifications.

We do appreciate that not everyone will be aware of the terms used on the UKCRC Tissue Directory. The table below captures all the terms that sample resources have used in the Directory so far. Simply use the search to filter the list and then click on 'Find Biobanks'.


Directory TermOther SNOMED-CT termsSearch in the Directory
Alzheimer's disease (disorder)Alzheimers disease,AD - Alzheimer's disease,Alzheimer's disease (disorder),Alzheimer's disease,Alzheimer disease,Alzheimer's disease, NOSFind Biobanks
Asthma (disorder)Asthmatic,Hyperreactive airway disease,Bronchial hypersensitivity,BHR - Bronchial hyperreactivity,Bronchial asthma,Airway hyperreactivity,Asthma,Bronchial hyperresponsiveness,Bronchial hyperreactivityFind Biobanks
Astrocytoma of brain (disorder)Astrocytoma of brain,Astrocytic tumour of brain,Astrocytic tumor of brainFind Biobanks
Atrial fibrillation and flutter (disorder)Atrial fibrillation and flutter,Atrial fibrillation and flutter (disorder)Find Biobanks
Carcinoma in situ of prostateCarcinoma in situ of prostate (disorder),Cancer in situ of prostate,CIS (Carcinoma in situ) of prostate,CIS - Carcinoma in situ of prostateFind Biobanks
Cerebrovascular disease (disorder)CVD - Cerebrovascular disease,Cerebrovascular lesion, NOS,Cerebrovascular disease,Cerebrovascular disease (disorder),Cerebrovascular lesion,Cerebrovascular disease, NOSFind Biobanks
Chronic fatigue syndrome (disorder)Iceland disease, Benign myalgic, encephalomyelitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Myalgic encephalomyelitis syndrome, ME - Myalgic encephalomyelitis, Myalgic encephalomyelitis, CFS - Chronic fatigue syndromeFind Biobanks
Chronic kidney disease (disorder)Chronic kidney disease,
CKD, Chronic renal impairment, Chronic renal disease
Find Biobanks
Chronic multifocal osteomyelitis (disorder)
Chronic multifocal osteomyelitis, CRMO - Chronic multifocal osteomyelitisFind Biobanks
Complete trisomy 21 syndrome (disorder)Complete trisomy 21 syndrome,T21 - Trisomy 21,Complete trisomy 21 syndrome (disorder),Down syndrome,Downs syndrome,MongolismFind Biobanks
Congenital anomaly of brain (disorder)Congenital lesion of brain, NOS,Congenital anomaly of brain, NOS,Congenital anomaly of brain (disorder),Congenital lesion of brain,Congenital disease of brain, NOS,Deformity of brain, NOS,Congenital anomaly of brain,Congenital disease of brain,Congenital brain anomaly,Deformity of brainFind Biobanks
Degenerative brain disorder (disorder)Cerebral degeneration,Degenerative brain disorder,Cerebral degeneration, NOS,Degenerative brain disorder (disorder)Find Biobanks
Dementia (disorder)Dementia (disorder),Dementia,Organic dementia,Dementia, NOSFind Biobanks
Dental caries (disorder)Dental decay,Dental caries,Carious lesion,Dental cavity,Tooth caries,Teeth decayed,Dental caries, NOS,Tooth decayed,Tooth decay,Saprodontia,Dental cavity, NOSFind Biobanks
Depressive disorder (disorder)Depressive disorder, NOS,Depressive disorder (disorder),Depressed,Melancholia,Depressive episode,Major depressive disorder, NOS,Mood disorder of depressed type,Major depression, NOS,Depressive disorder,Major depressive disorder,Depressive illness,Major depression,Depression,Melancholia, NOSFind Biobanks
Diabetes mellitus type 1Juvenile onset diabetes mellitus,Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,Type 1 diabetes mellitus,IDDM,Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus,Type I diabetes mellitus,IDDM - Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,Diabetes mellitus type 1 (disorder),Diabetes mellitus type IFind Biobanks
Diabetes mellitus type 2NIDDM - Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus,Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,NCDMM,Type 2 diabetes mellitus,Diabetes mellitus type II,Type II diabetes mellitus,Maturity onset diabetes mellitus,Diabetes mellitus type 2 (disorder),NIDDM,Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus,Diabetes mellitus - adult onsetFind Biobanks
Disorder of digestive system (disorder)Disease of digestive system (disorder),Gastrointestinal and digestive disorder,Disorder of digestive system,Disease of digestive system,Digestive system disease,GIT diseases,Disease of digestive system, NOSFind Biobanks
Ependymoma (disorder)EpendymomaFind Biobanks
Epilepsy (disorder)Epileptic fits,Epileptic convulsions,Epileptic convulsions, NOS,Epileptic attack, NOS,Epilepsy, NOS,Epilectic attack, NOS,Epilepsy (disorder),Epileptic seizures,Epileptic,Epileptic fits, NOS,Epileptic disorder,Epileptic disorder, NOS,Epileptic seizures, NOS,Epilepsy,Epileptic attack,EP - EpilepsyFind Biobanks
Fit and wellWellness state,Fit,State of being healthy,Fit and well (finding),Looks wellFind Biobanks
Germinoma (morphologic (abnormality)Germ cell tumor, NOS,Germ cell tumour,Germ cell tumor,GerminomaFind Biobanks
Glioma (disorder)Glioma,GliomaFind Biobanks
Hematologic neoplasm (disorder)Haematologic neoplasm,Hematologic neoplasmFind Biobanks
Hemochromatosis (disorder)Haemochromatosis,Hemochromatosis,Iron storage diseaseFind Biobanks
Hepatoblastoma (disorder)Hepatoblastoma,Hepatoblastoma of liver,Hepatoblastoma (clinical)Find Biobanks
Hodgkin's disease (disorder)Hodgkin disease,Hodgkin's disease (clinical),HD - Hodgkin's disease,Lymphoma, Hodgkins,Hodgkin's disease,Malignant Hodgkin's lymphomaFind Biobanks
Huntington's chorea (disorder)Huntington chorea,HC - Huntington chorea,Chronic progressive chorea,Huntington's chorea (disorder),HD - Huntington chorea,Chronic progressive hereditary chorea,Huntington's choreaFind Biobanks
Ischemic heart disease (disorder)IHD - Ischemic heart disease,Ischemic heart disease,IHD - Ischaemic heart disease,Ischaemic heart disease,Ischemic heart disease (disorder)Find Biobanks
Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease (disorder)Subacute spongiform encephalopathy,Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease,JCD - Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease,Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease (disorder),Jakob-Creutzfeld disease,Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease,Transmissible virus dementia,CJD - Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease,Creutzfeld-Jakob diseaseFind Biobanks
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (disorder)Langerhans cell histiocytosis,LCH - Langerhan's cell histiocytosis,Langerhans cell disease,Histiocytosis X,Langerhan's cell histiocytosis,Differentiated progressive histiocytosis,Histiocytosis X, NOSFind Biobanks
Leukemia, diseaseLeukemia,Leukaemia, disease,Leukemia, NOS, without mention of remission,Leukaemia,Leukemia, disease (disorder),Leukaemia, NOS, without mention of remissionFind Biobanks
Malignant lymphoma (disorder)Lymphoma (clinical), Malignant lymphoma (clinical), Malignant lymphoma (disorder), Malignant lymphoma, LymphomaFind Biobanks
Malignant melanoma of eye (disorder)MM - Malignant melanoma of eyeFind Biobanks
Malignant neoplasm of brainMalignant neoplasm of brain (disorder)Find Biobanks
Malignant neoplasm of connective tissue (disorder)Malignant neoplasm of connective tissueFind Biobanks
Malignant neoplasm of endometrium of corpus uteri (disorder)Malignant neoplasm of endometrium of corpus uteriFind Biobanks
Malignant neoplasm of liverMalignant tumor of liver,Liver cancer,Malignant neoplasm of liver, NOS,Malignant tumour of liver,Primary malignant neoplasm of liver,CA - Liver cancer,Malignant neoplasm of liver (disorder)Find Biobanks
Malignant neoplasm of skinCancer of skin,Malignant neoplasm of skin (disorder),Skin cancerFind Biobanks
Malignant neoplasm of upper respiratory tract (disorder)Cancer of upper respiratory tract,Malignant neoplasm of upper respiratory tractFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of adrenal gland (disorder)Malignant tumour of adrenal gland,Adrenal gland malignancy,CA - Cancer of adrenal gland,Malignant tumor of adrenal gland (disorder),Malignant tumor of adrenal gland,Cancer of adrenal glandFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of anal canal (disorder)Malignant tumour of anal canal,Malignant tumor of anal canal,Cancer of anal canal,Malignant tumor of anal canal (disorder)Find Biobanks
Malignant tumor of biliary tract (disorder)Malignant tumor of biliary tract,Malignant tumour of biliary tractFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of cervixCancer of cervix,Malignant tumor of cervix (disorder),Cervical cancer,Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri,Malignant neoplasm of cervix,Malignant tumour of cervix,Cancer of the uterine cervix,Ca cervixFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of kidney (disorder)CA - Cancer of kidney,Renal malignant tumor,Malignant tumor of kidney,Renal cancer,CA - Renal cancer,Renal malignant tumour,Malignant tumour of kidneyFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of nasal sinuses (disorder)Malignant tumour of nasal sinuses,Malignant tumor of nasal sinusesFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of oral cavity (disorder)Malignant tumour of oral cavity,Malignant neoplasm of mouth,CA - Mouth cancer,Malignant tumor of mouth,Malignant tumor of oral cavity,Mouth cancer,Cancer of oral cavity,Malignant tumour of mouthFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of penis (disorder)Cancer of penis,Malignant tumor of penis,CA - Cancer of penis,Penile Ca,Malignant tumour of penis,Ca penisFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of prostate (disorder)Malignant tumor of prostate,Malignant tumor of prostate (disorder),CA - Cancer of prostate,Malignant prostatic tumour,Malignant tumour of prostate,Cancer of prostate,Malignant prostatic tumorFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of salivary gland (disorder)Malignant tumor of salivary gland,CA - Cancer of salivary gland,Salivary gland cancer,Malignant tumour of salivary gland,Cancer of salivary glandFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of small intestine (disorder)Malignant tumor of small intestine,Malignant tumour of small bowel,Malignant tumour of small intestine,Malignant tumor of small bowelFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of stomach (disorder)Malignant tumor of stomach,Gastric cancer,Malignant tumour of stomach,CA - Cancer of stomach,Cancer of stomachFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of testis (disorder)Malignant tumour of testis,Malignant tumor of testisFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of thyroid gland (disorder)Malignant tumor of thyroid gland,Thyroid cancer,Malignant tumour of thyroid gland,Thyroid CaFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of urinary bladder (disorder)Malignant neoplasm of urinary bladder,Malignant tumor of urinary bladder,CA - Bladder cancer,Bladder cancer,Malignant tumour of urinary bladderFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of vagina (disorder)Cancer of vagina,Malignant tumour of vagina,Malignant tumor of vaginaFind Biobanks
Malignant tumor of vulva (disorder)Malignant tumor of vulva,Malignant tumour of vulva,Cancer of vulvaFind Biobanks
Malignant tumour of breastCA - Breast cancer,Malignant tumor of breast,Malignant tumor of breast (disorder),Breast cancerFind Biobanks
Malignant tumour of colonCancer of colon,Malignant tumor of colon,CA - Cancer of colon,Malignant tumor of colon (disorder)Find Biobanks
Malignant tumour of lungMalignant tumor of lung,Malignant tumor of lung (disorder),CA - Lung cancerFind Biobanks
Malignant tumour of oesophagusCA - Cancer of oesophagus,Malignant tumor of esophagus (disorder),Cancer of oesophagus,Malignant neoplasm of esophagus,CA - Cancer of esophagus,Malignant neoplasm of oesophagus,Oesophageal cancer,Malignant tumor of esophagus,Esophageal cancer,Cancer of esophagusFind Biobanks
Malignant tumour of ovaryMalignant tumor of ovary,Cancer of ovary,Ovarian Ca,Malignant tumor of ovary (disorder),Ovarian cancer,CA - Cancer of ovaryFind Biobanks
Malignant tumour of pancreasCA - Pancreatic cancer,CA - Cancer of pancreas,Malignant tumor of pancreas,Pancreatic cancer,Malignant tumor of pancreas (disorder)Find Biobanks
Medulloblastoma (disorder)MedulloblastomaFind Biobanks
Mesothelioma (malignant, clinical disorder)Cancer, mesothelioma,Mesothelioma (malignant)(clinical),Mesothelioma (malignant, clinical disorder) (disorder),Malignant mesotheliomaFind Biobanks
Minimal change disease (disorder)Nil disease, Lipoid nephrosis, Lipid nephrosis, MCD, MCGN - Minimal change glomerulonephritis, Minimal change nephrotic syndrome, Idiopathic nephrotic syndrome, Minimal change nephropathy, Light negative glomerulonephritis, Minimal change glomerulonephritis, MCNS - Minimal change nephrotic syndrome, MCN - Minimal change nephropathyFind Biobanks
Motor neuron disease (disorder)Motor neuron disease, NOS,MND - Motor neurone disease,Motor neuron disease (disorder),Motor neuron disease,Motor neurone diseaseFind Biobanks
Multiple sclerosis (disorder)DS - Disseminated sclerosis,Disseminated sclerosis,Generalized multiple sclerosis,Multiple sclerosis,MS - Multiple sclerosis,Generalised multiple sclerosis,Multiple sclerosis, NOSFind Biobanks
Multiple system atrophy (disorder)MSA - Multiple system atrophy,Multiple system atrophy (disorder),Multiple system atrophyFind Biobanks
Nephroblastoma (disorder)Perlman syndrome,Wilms' tumour,Wilms' tumor,Wilms tumor,Wilm's tumor,Nephroma,Nephroblastoma,Wilms tumourFind Biobanks
Osteosarcoma of boneOsteosarcoma - disorder,Osteosarcoma of bone (disorder),OsteosarcomaFind Biobanks
Orofacial cleft (disorder)Find Biobanks
Parkinson's disease (disorder)Idiopathic Parkinsonism,Shaking palsy,Parkinsons disease,Idiopathic parkinsonism,Parkinson disease,Parkinson's disease, NOS,Parkinson's disease (disorder),Primary Parkinsonism,Primary parkinsonism,PD - Parkinson's disease,Paralysis agitans,Idiopathic Parkinson's disease,Parkinson's diseaseFind Biobanks
Progressive supranuclear ophthalmoplegia (disorder)Progressive supranuclear ophthalmoplegia (disorder),Nuchal dystonia-dementia syndrome,Progressive supranuclear ophthalmoplegia,Steele-Richardson-Olszewski syndrome,Progressive supranuclear palsy,PSP - Progressive supranuclear palsyFind Biobanks
Psychotic disorder (disorder)Psychosis,Psychosis, NOS,Psychotic disorder,Psychotic,Atypical psychosis,Psychotic disorder, NOSFind Biobanks
Retinoblastoma (disorder)RetinoblastomaFind Biobanks
Rhabdomyosarcoma (disorder)Rhabdomyosarcoma,RhabdosarcomaFind Biobanks
Secondary malignant neoplasm of colon (disorder)Metastatic malignant neoplasm to colon, NOS,Secondary malignant neoplasm of colon,Metastatic malignant neoplasm to colon,Secondary malignant neoplasm of colon, NOSFind Biobanks
Spinal muscular atrophy (disorder)SMA - Spinal muscular atrophy,Spinal muscular atrophy, NOS,Spinal muscular atrophy (disorder),Spinal muscular atrophyFind Biobanks
Vascular dementia (disorder)Vascular dementia (disorder),Vascular dementiaFind Biobanks
Viral hepatitis type CType C viral hepatitis,Viral hepatitis C,Viral hepatitis type C (disorder),Hepatitis C,Viral hepatitis, non-A, non-B,Viral hepatitis C (disorder),Non-A, non-B hepatitisFind Biobanks