Biobanks working with industry: overcoming challenges part 3 of 3

Biobanks working with industry: overcoming challenges webinar debrief

The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (TDCC) and concluded their webinar series by looking at overcoming the challenges of biobanks working with industry.

This third instalment took place on 24 September 2020. The previous webinars earlier in 2020 focused on practical approaches to overcome challenges to biobanking, and maximising the use, value and impact of samples.

Biobanks working with industry

Three representatives from industry spoke about the challenges faced by UK biobanking. First, Dr Kirstin Goldring presented from the point of view of AstraZeneca. Second, Dr Paul Schröder and Marcela Aguilar Matta both spoke on behalf of Novartis. Jessica Sims from the TDCC finished the presentations while Matt McLoughlin from hosted and fielded questions.

What to expect in partnerships

The webinar provided a good introduction to what to expect as a biobank working with industry. The speakers outlined the respective companies’ processes for accessing human samples. They also touched on the considerations in working with biobanks, including compliance standards. Furthermore, they emphasised the importance of ethically sourced samples joined with  appropriate documentation.'s features were also highlighted to give greater context as to how they can facilitate industry working with biobanks.

Jessica finished the presentations by sharing biobanks' experiences working with industry, and vice versa. She highlighted the work TDCC has done to facilitate collaboration, such as the Transparency Principles and the function on the Tissue Directory.

There were many questions for the speakers, especially regarding beginning to work with industrial partners. The questions, as well as the presentations, are  available for view at the website.



Dr Kirstin Goldring, Director/Head of Human Biological Sample Compliance and Governance at AstraZeneca. She works with the biobanks globally to ensure that AstraZeneca scientists can access the samples and data that they need in a compliant way. Kirstin chairs the HBS Governance Council and leads the AstraZeneca HBS Compliance and Governance team, supporting compliance in the use of HBS across the business.


Dr Paul Schröder, BioSample Compliance Manager at Novartis. He works with HBS suppliers globally to ensure Novartis researchers have access to human samples and data, meeting highest ethical principles as set forth by Novartis Human Tissue Supplier Code. Paul is part of the Novartis Human Tissue Council and has previously worked in different compliance areas within pharma and academia.


Marcela Aguilar Matta, Global Sourcing Manager Research at Novartis. Marcela works on Global Sourcing Manager Research at Novartis including the scope of the human tissue category strategy, with more than 15 years’ experience across several industries including pharma, agriculture and consumer products. She has an MA in operational research and a BA in Industrial Engineering.



Matt McLoughlin, VP of Compliance & Categories at Matt hosted all three webinars and curated the Q&A session.

Woman faced to left corner, with face to front. She wears an orange top

Jessica Mai Sims, Engagement Manager for Collaborations at UKCRC TDCC. Jessica spoke on the experiences and feedback received from Tissue Directory users on working with industry.