The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway now live!

The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway is now live!

Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) has unveiled the first phase of the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway, launching January 2020.  The Gateway will enable researchers to find UK datasets related to their research.

The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (UKCRC TDCC) is thrilled to be one of the largest contributors of information about datasets to the Innovation Gateway, sharing information from over 100 human sample resources across the UK.

What is the Innovation Gateway?

The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway is a portal enabling researchers and innovators in academia, industry and the NHS to search for and request access to UK health research data. The Innovation Gateway provides detailed descriptions of over 400 datasets held by members of the HDR Alliance and the HDR Hubs. Developed with input from patients and researchers, the Innovation Gateway provides a library of information including data held and managed in the NHS, research charities, research institutes and universities. Researchers can search, browse and enquire about access. The Innovation Gateway does not hold or store any patient or health data.

A second phase for the Innovation Gateway is planned and feedback on the first phase will help to inform further development of the tool.

The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway is managed by Health Data Research UK in collaboration with the UK Health Data Research Alliance.  It is funded by UK Research and Innovation’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

What is the relationship with the UKCRC Tissue Directory?

The UKCRC TDCC is one of the 27 members of the UK Health Data Research Alliance. The Alliance is an independent group of leading healthcare and research organisations, which is coordinated by HDR UK. Alliance members are committed to making data accessible for responsible research and innovation for the benefit of patients across the UK.

The UKCRC TDCC is proud to be the largest contributor of information about datasets to the Innovation Gateway. Our responsibility to improve the visibility of sample resources and our work in standardising the representation of data on biobanks has enabled us to populate the Gateway with information from 105 human sample resources registered on the UKCRC Tissue Directory. The rich data associated with sample collections held in resources across the UK is evidenced through this contribution of nearly a quarter of the datasets currently listed on the Innovation Gateway.

There is some similarity in the service provided by the Innovation Gateway and the UKCRC Tissue Directory. It is important to recognise that HDR UK focuses on datasets, whereas the UKCRC TDCC focuses on human tissue samples. Both organisations are aware of a similarity in the search functionality they offer so a strong collaborative relationship between HDR UK and UKCRC TDCC has been established, to ensure ongoing developments are sensibly resourced, designed and implemented.

If you manage a human sample resource and you would like to discuss your visibility on the UKCRC Tissue Directory or the Innovation Gateway, please contact us.

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