Nov and Dec 2018: aggregating the anonymised sample data

November and December 2018: What's been happening?

During November, the team were working with vendors whilst they have been testing the API. The team were also supporting the release of the improved API to the vendors, as well as supporting them to understand the data model.

Alongside this, a lot of work was undertaken in relation to aggregating the anonymised sample data into searchable collections within the Directory. This work has continued into December and is being tested in line with the development, ensuring its quality.

Supporting documentation and resources 

A lot of work has also been done in setting up the right support documentation and processes to underpin this work, such as:

  • Updated data model documentation following some small changes and clarifications this month

Upcoming work from January onwards

The team will be continuing to support vendors with their testing of the API as well as progress the work on aggregating sample data received through the API into searchable collections on the Directory.