Directory Development

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Smart data sharing with the TDCC

Smart data sharing with the TDCC Do you enjoy data entry? Us neither! We understand that adding information about your sample collections to the Tissue Directory can be challenging. We have been working with commercial laboratory information management systems (LIMBS) providers to develop a little programme that can help you update your collection information more easily. Introducing the TDCC submission API! Application Programming Interfaces (API)s allow database software systems to… Read More »Smart data sharing with the TDCC

Directory – Responding to feedback

Responding to your feedback to improving the Directory Multiple resources per account What has changed From your Directory account it is now possible to administer multiple sample resources or networks. Why we made the change  We received feedback that some users managed several resources and therefore to have a separate email and password for each resource was burdensome. How will this affect me? Sample Resources: If you have multiple logins and… Read More »Directory – Responding to feedback

September 2018: First testing of bulk upload

What the Development Team worked on in September During September, following preparing the bulk upload API for the first phase of testing, the team have been working on a number of improvements around handling errors.  A lot of work has also been done this month with Researchers and Clinicians in order to understand how the Directory can best support their needs. We have run two sessions – a focus group on understanding the barriers… Read More »September 2018: First testing of bulk upload

August 2018: First API changes

What the Development Team worked on in August During August, the team have been really busy working on testing the API to ensure that all the ‘test’ and ‘development’ environments work in exactly the same way through full and automated regression testing. There has also been a lot of work to change over environments following an update to tenancies. A number of development changes have still been made alongside the provision of new support… Read More »August 2018: First API changes

July 2018: API changes for vendor testing

July 2018 update Over the past couple of months, we have been making some structural changes to our data APIs in preparation for vendor testing. Some of this work is preparatory and will be built upon further, but it will still provide an early version for software vendors to feedback on. In this blog post we will explain some of these changes and how they should help the biobanks and research… Read More »July 2018: API changes for vendor testing